14. Immunological Products and Vaccines

First line drugs Second line drugs Specialist drugs Secondary care drugs
Recommended in both primary and secondary care Alternatives (often in specific conditions) in both primary and secondary care; Where a specialist input is needed (see introduction for definition) Prescribing principally within secondary care only

Traffic light status explained:

  • Green: Routine prescribing within licensed indication
  • Amber 1: specialist recommendation followed by GP initiation and continuation
  • Amber 2: specialist or GP initiation in line with local guideline after 1st line failure followed by GP continuation
  • Amber 3: specialist initiation and stabilisation followed by GP continuation
  • Amber SCG: specialist initiation and stabilisation followed by GP continuation in line with an agreed shared care guideline
  • Red: Hospital or specialist prescribing only
  • Double Red: These medicines have been evaluated and rejected by MKPAG and are NOT approved for use within MK. They are not recommended for use because of lack of clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness or safety.


14.1    Immunisation Schedule   

14.3    Storage and use       

14.4    Vaccines and antisera          

14.5    Immunoglobulins          

14.6    International travel          

14.7    Grazax Allergy Vaccine


This chapter of the Joint Formulary has been produced to provide prescribing guidance in conjunction with the following resources:      




The Green Book has the latest information on vaccines and vaccination procedures for all the vaccine preventable infectious diseases that may occur in the UK.

Health professionals and immunisation practioners can keep up to date with developments in the field and updates to the Green Book through regular Vaccine Update newsletters.




  • National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC): www.nathnac.org
  • World Health Organisation www.who.int
  • The Department of Health: Department of Health - Publications (Health Information for Overseas Travel (2010 and any updates) – Yellow book)            



The revised edition of Health Information for Overseas Travel, also known as the UK ‘Yellow Book’, contains comprehensive information and advice for travel health professionals with sections on:


  • risk assessment and risk management in the pre-travel consultation                     
  • guidance on travellers with special health needs or who are undertaking challenging itineraries
  • algorithms for medically managing returned travellers
  • an extensive disease guide
  • a wide listing of resources

You can order a complimentary copy of the Yellow Book by contacting NaTHNaC’s distribution centre on 0191 203 2329. For delivery in the UK, a charge of £7.20 to cover postage and packaging will be made.



This chapter is designed to cover routine use of immunological products and vaccines. Where individuals may become exposed to infectious agents in the course of their work they should be encouraged to take specialist advice from their general practitioner or occupational health service of their employer. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to prescribe some products by brand. Therefore, where appropriate, we have listed the product by brand rather than its generic name.     

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