8. Immune System and Malignant Disease

First line drugs Second line drugs Specialist drugs Secondary care drugs
Recommended in both primary and secondary care Alternatives (often in specific conditions) in both primary and secondary care; Where a specialist input is needed (see introduction for definition) Prescribing principally within secondary care only

Traffic light status (TLS) explained:

  • Green: Routine prescribing within licensed indication
  • Amber 1: specialist recommendation followed by GP initiation and continuation
  • Amber 2: specialist or GP initiation in line with local guideline after 1st line failure followed by GP continuation
  • Amber 3: specialist initiation and stabilisation followed by GP continuation
  • Amber SCG: specialist initiation and stabilisation followed by GP continuation in line with an agreed shared care guideline
  • Red: Hospital or specialist prescribing only
  • Double Red: These medicines have been evaluated and rejected by MKPAG and are NOT approved for use within MK. They are not recommended for use because of lack of clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness or safety. 


8.1    Immune system 


8.2    Malignant disease 



Contacting Milton Keynes Hospital

For Haematology and Oncology:

  • During hours: Macmillan Unit on 01908 243671; Internal Ext 5111 or 5112
  • Out of hours: Advanced Nurse Practitioner on bleep 1090    

Paediatric patients:

  • During hours: Paediatric Day Community Unit on 01908 242703; Internal Ext 2703      


  • Cancer and Aseptic Services Manager on bleep 1721
  • Aseptic Unit 01908 243952
  • On-call pharmacist via switchboard 01908 660033




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